Surcharges / deductions:

For meals not taken there is no legal entitlement to reimbursement.
In case of late arrival the hotel is entitled to the empty bed fee (without meals and local tax) until the booked departure date.
Single occupancy surcharge in a double room is 50% of the room rate
Obligatory New Year's supplement: € 115, - per adult (from the age of 16)
€ 65, - per child (from the age of 7)
Deduction for bookings with overnight breakfast: € 5, - per person


A reservation is only binding if a double-sided written confirmation or a deposit of 20% of the amount is available.
You are also welcome to submit your credit card number with expiration date for deposit of this amount.
We recommend the conclusion of the "Hotel Cancellation Plus" via the European Travel Insurance.
In case of cancellations, the "General Rules of the Austrian Hotel Association" Austrian version of the terms and conditions of the hotel as of 2006 will apply.
You can pay in cash or transfer in advance, but we also accept
Debit card, Eurocard and Visacard

Our bank connection:

Niko Hotels GmbH
Bank code: 57,000
Account: 300 532 368 60
IBAN: AT92 5700 0300 5323 6860

Our regular guest discounts:

We are happy to grant you the following discounts, which only apply to cash or bank transfers.
They depend on the number of your visits to our hotel and the duration of your stay, as well as after your arrival or departure. departure

(except 21.12.2019 to 05.01.2020)

Frequency of stays:   2 – 5 6 – 14 15 and more
Number of nights 7 – 13 Nights 3 % 5 % 8 %
  14 Nights and more 5 % 8 % 10 %